This exhibition of images generated by OIST researchers in the past 10 years offers the visitor a glimpse into the innovative, diverse, and unique research done at OIST. The collection includes scientific imaging photographs, images of research instruments, computer data visualizations, and photographs of the fascinating subjects studied at OIST.

As technology progresses and allow us to register more accurately scientific labor and its achievements, the role of images in science becomes more important. For the community of science, they are testimonies of work done by fellow researchers. For wider audiences, images of scientific research can display surprising and unexpected aesthetic features, make visible ideas usually too abstract and complex to understand, and ultimately illustrate knowledge in such an inspiring way that it can lead us to new universes within science.

Please join us in this fantastic journey through OIST science in images.

Call for Submissions

The university is calling for submissions from OIST members of the best scientific images produced at OIST in the past 10 years.

OIST members can submit their images at the Call for Submissions - Images of Science Exhibition webform (login required).

Alumni submissions are also welcomed, please contact for more information.